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Office workers to relieve the pain of a good way

1. Always maintain the correct posture

In life, we must pay attention to their correct sitting position, this is also a simple way to ease back pain. It is the healthiest when the spine is naturally erect, so be sure to maintain a correct sitting position no matter where you are doing. Poor sitting poses many problems. In addition to sitting in front of the computer every day, sitting down on the chair drooping is also very incorrect behavior, will make the spine deviate from the normal position, too much pressure on the back muscles, so the back can not be painful, long-term It can cause other diseases as well. Therefore, we must always maintain a good sitting position.

Behind the back to have cushions

Many people feel their backs are painful, in fact, did not notice their own back care. If it is too difficult to maintain a good sitting position, such as always unwittingly changed back to easy to body injury posture, then give us a back support, to help maintain a good posture, one way is that when we sit down Put a small pillow or a small cushion on the lower part of the column arch part, in order to reduce the pressure on the muscles, especially when we watch TV on the sofa or often long-distance driving, be sure to get a waist Pillow placed on the back, and we often change the tilt of our backrest.

Stand up and take frequent activities

Do not just keep one action, you should pay attention in your life to do some reasonable exercise properly. Often sitting in the office is a day of people, even eating is sitting in the seat while staring at the computer to eat, but we have at least one hour is to stand up activities below, such as going to the water dispenser next to the water, to wash the bathroom A hand and so on. If you can not leave the office, put the folders and other frequently used items on the stand must take two steps to get it, or consciously stood up and take the call, etc., best not to call at lunch time Take-out, go out for dinner with a colleague or friend, so you can take a walk back and breathe the outside air after dinner, which is also a good relief for the back and shoulders that we are under great pressure.If you buy a preheating battery online, you will get an extensive range of the product with colour and voltage options. The payment options are equally diverse and the preheat battery will be delivered to your doorstep!

Nothing to stand up and stretch back

Proper activities are also an effective way to relieve pain, and you should pay attention to the reasonable arrangements for your own work. For those who often work at desk tables, often stretching back can effectively prevent or reduce back pain, insist on working every 15 to 30 minutes to stand up straight body, hands on the waist After leaning forward, stretching the action must be slow and stable; or up to do radio exercises stretching exercises, or both legs stand straight down on his hands down the legs, you can also stretch the back, to our back to relieve stress , Can effectively prevent back pain.

5. exercise before going to bed

It is also important to take a rest at night, and you should pay attention to your own healthy life, especially with proper exercise. Put a pillow under the knees while we are sleeping, to ensure that the neck and spine are on the same horizontal line. If it is on the side, keep your knees bent, however, you must use a pillow with a lower thickness Because tall pillows force the neck of a person upwards to form an angle that will bend our spine so that it will not only help our back pain but also harm our cervical and spine.

6. Proper items to lift

Putting things up is also an effective way to exercise, and you should pay attention to your healthy lifestyle in your life. Take a courier downstairs, go back and buy the right time to buy a small bag of food, when we mention something as much as possible with our body contact, not to straighten the arm, not to bend things, should try to keep the back Of the vertical, and then bend the knees squat to pick up, the hands of the items should not be overweight, if things are overweight will significantly increase the burden on the back, causing back pain, it is recommended to often use the shoulder bag, so the weight will be evenly distributed in the back on.

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