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Infected people in the ice lake town for a week after the march, the number surged to more than two hundred people, this mighty kill to the magic cabinet where the building. To see

     Although Guo days said they will not bite them zombie infection, but people do not fear is impossible, after all, have been bitten off, have seen the murderous zombie zombie, but also to see the snow Zombie zombie eat people's ridicule.

     Fortunately, gathered enough people over, voices, it touches on each other Zhuangzhuang Dan.

     Nineteen zombie at this time still hovering in the magic cabinet where the building inside and outside did not leave, to see more than 200 people infected with the team gathered to the side, they face a strange look, to the crowd roar A few times, but did not rush to attack.

     "We are bitten by them, and infected and gave birth to mutation, and now they are like us, is not attack us.We should take advantage of them not prepared, a dozen people stare Zhun, standing beside them, Listen to me under the command of a sudden attack on them.Press them down on the ground.Then use an ax hammer to hit them, drill their heads with an electric drill. "Wang War in Guo Tian's instigation, very boldly went to the snow Spot zombie corpses, to the hundreds of people over with him about his tactics.

     Sure enough, those snow spot zombie see Wang War near, but over a few sniffed him, and did not bite his meaning, probably they have heard the familiar body of Wang Shame the taste, and they are similar, so no longer To attack him. To see

     "We ah on the station to their side, and then start with the hands of them. God drugs a limited number; have moved the hand to the next to the divine drug Z may be looked at no copies." Wang Stanford, And others shouted also rushed to greet everyone.

     "For God medicine, fight."

     Wang Shame with the personal demonstration, those bitten by the infected people are now no longer bite the zebra zombie bite them infected, they have rushed past and Xuepian zombie stood together, waiting for Wang Shame Under the hands.

     Snowflake zombie look to the side of these infected people, his face showing a strange look, it is clear to their very simple IQ, is that these infected people can not think of what to do. They can smell these people have been infected, the body is all the same and their taste. It is equivalent to their similar, so they will not take the initiative to attack these people dermes.

     "Are you ready?"

     "Stand up."

     "A total of nineteen zombies inside and outside the house, led by my 19 brothers were responsible for processing, and now to me in order to report the number of nine nearby are ready?

     "I am one

     "I'm ready on the 2nd 2." Zhao Anqi answered Wang War.



     "Well / hand." Wang War order. All the way toward the side of the snow zombie zombie, the grips of the handle, grasp the leg of the grasping leg, pull the head of the wrench, lock the throat of the lock throat, seven or eight variation after the strength of the strong siege of a Snowflake zombie only Hong Kong food tour.

     Although these have completely mutated zombie zombie than the strength of these infected people is still a lot of big, but the enemy can not live with a large number of infected people, and the power of the infected people will immediately be replaced.

     These infections are mutated to the present. The strength of almost one-third to half of the zebra zombie, in seven or eight brawny infected with the system, the snowflakes zombie one by one down to the ground, anti-arm pressure leg lock throat, almost How can not move.

     Just also in the preface on the tyrannical, arrogant, see who bite who snowflake zombie, this time all desperately struggling roar, his face and even reveal a trace of Jife reenex facial.

     Those who hold the ax, the hammer of the brawny wielding the hands of the ax immediately, the hammer suddenly pounded the head of these Xuepian zombie. And carrying a large-scale engineering drill Guotian, the use of diesel electric motor power out of the drill drill, drill bit out of the sound of terror to the front of a press down the desperate struggle snowball zombie head drilling in the past.

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